7 Thunders for
Dummies !
-Revelation 10?
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The above 7 Thunders explaining that God's covenant of salvation, from the
beginning=FLOOD, to the end=2ND DEATH, thematically parallels the Advent of
Messiah, and such knowledge can only be delivered by the Messenger to
come before Jesus.

For example, the "birth" of the covenant was
The Great Flood or 1rst Thunder,
wrought with water and blood similar to that of any birth. The covenant
"matured" with that
Advent of Messiah or 3rd Thunder, and/or the coming of
baptism. The 5th Thunder out of seven is the mark of the beast or holy ghost
withdrawn, before which comes the Lord's messenger who delivers the 7
Thunders above, which is figuratively the "Last Supper" of the world, as that
great apprehension comes, also known as the 'Finishing of the Mystery of
God'. -Rev 10. The 7th Thunder will be that Fire From Heaven and 2nd Death,
which causes the righteous to finally enter into their eternal joy and reward.  
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